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Archana Ramachandra

Research Manager, ConsumerScape 360┬░ and Consumer Primary Research

Archana Ramachandra, a Research Manager at IDC is responsible for many facets of ConsumerScape 360º from both a project management and execution perspective. She conducts strategic research and in-depth analysis on the consumer electronics, services and technology markets with a focus on changing consumer behavior and attitude towards technology. She is also responsible for producing syndicated and custom research for the largest technology vendors in the world. Additionally, she oversees the execution of survey projects, including survey design, programming, testing, and data management. She also provides direction in using analytical platforms and supports the consumer and computing teams in their survey needs.


Archana holds exceptional quantitative and analytical skills. She has experience with SPSS and is familiar with a broad range of statistical techniques including regression analysis. She has the ability to crunch data in multiple ways to help produce complete, concise, clear and easily understandable evaluations. Additionally, her attention to detail, troubleshooting skills and thorough understanding of customer needs, allows her to nurture strong relationships with clients.


  • Master's degree in Finance
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