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Yanxia Lu

Senior Research Manager

Yanxia Lu is a Senior Research Manager for IDC China's Enterprise System and Software Research, focusing on Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). She is responsible for Big Data information management platform as well as Big Data analytics and applications. Yanxia is also involved in AI technology and enterprise mobility, covering machine learning, semantic comprehension, speech recognition, and image identification.

Prior to joining IDC, Yanxia worked as a consultant at Jusfoun, where she was in charge of the industry consulting business. Her main responsibilities included working on Big Data industry consulting, offering guidance and advice for clients, and building the consulting team. She also provided strong support for strategy development for the whole company and other business units. Yanxia also worked in Founder Electronics' Big Data department as an analyst as well as at CNPC Research Institute as a consultant.

•             M.S. in Petroleum Geology from China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

英伟达在2018年GPU Silicon Valley Technology Conference(以下简称GTC)上发布多项有关图形处理、人工智能以及自动驾驶方面的进展。英伟达在深度学习、人工智能基础架构方面取得的突破再次表明,人工智能在企业级市场以及消费级市场的应用将加速落地并持续增长。
英伟达在GTC China 2017大会新发布TensorRT3,并宣布将于2018年推出自主机器处理器Xavier。市场层面,英伟达在继续重视AI City战略的同时,开始向金融、医疗、制造、零售等传统行业企业级市场发力。IDC认为AI在传统行业中的应用将是下一个市场热点,行业企业应尽早将AI能力引入到产品、服务中;解决方案商、服务商也要做好人才及技术的储备。
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