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Research Vice President, Security & Trust Products

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Group Vice President, Worldwide Tracker Program

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Pete Finalle

Research Manager, Security & Trust

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Research Director, Privacy and Legal Technology

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Group Vice President, Security & Trust

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Research Director, Future of Trust

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Research Manager, Security Services

Michelle Abraham

Research Director, Security and Trust

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Research Manager, GRC and ESG Management and Reporting Technologies

Philip Bues

Research Manager, Cloud Security

Monika Soltysik

Senior Research Analyst, Security & Trust Products

Jennifer Glenn

Research Director

New Research

  • By:  Michelle Abraham Loading

    In addition to all the AI announcements at RSA around using AI to help the work of the security operations center (SOC), cybersecurity vendors announced new products and services designed to secure AI applications.
  • By:  Jay Bretzmann Loading

    One couldn't throw a stick anywhere in Moscone Center without hitting something labeled AI or GenAI. The idea that it's a transformative technology is undebatable, but today's reality — in identity terms — is more anticipatory. IDC believes...
  • By:  Jay Bretzmann Loading

    This IDC Market Note focuses on Oracle's development strategy and vast collaborative resources the company provides customers to learn more about the technologies, share best practices, and request future enhancements in an aggregated fashi...
  • By: 

    • Craig Robinson Loading
    • Aaron Walker Loading
    • Scott Tiazkun Loading
    This IDC Market Note discusses Comcast Business' annual business analyst conference held at headquarters Philadelphia in April 2024. The conference focused on Comcast, and Comcast Business, strengths and future goals in unified communicatio...
  • By:  Ryan O’Leary Loading

    Corporate Legal Operations Consortium's (CLOC's) flagship conference has lost a lot of what made it different and great. The conference has regressed toward the mean by allowing marketing dollars to dominate it. The conference is now essent...
  • By:  Monika Soltysik Loading

    On May 6, 2024, Anomali launched its AI-driven Security Operations Platform, featuring the Anomali Copilot. Security teams can now use Anomali's new AI-powered platform to streamline operations, with the Copilot automating repetitive tasks ...
  • By:  Mike Jude Loading

    This IDC Market Glance updates the IDC Market Glance published in 2023 to reflect new developments in the endpoint security solution space (see IDC Market Glance: Consumer Digital Life Protection, 1Q23, IDC #US50089223, March 2023). In part...
  • By: 

    • Michelle Abraham Loading
    • Philip Bues Loading
    • Frank Dickson Loading
    This IDC Market Note discusses the Google Cloud Next '24 conference where significant advancements in AI and cybersecurity were unveiled, showcasing a shift from qualitative AI commentary to tangible outcomes. It highlighted Google's integr...
  • By:  Pete Finalle Loading

    The week of May 6, 2024, saw security experts from around the world convene on the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, for this year's annual RSA Conference. This conference was a hotbed for new product announcements and updates, w...
  • By:  Philip Bues Loading

    This IDC Survey Spotlight explores AI organizational priorities and how those needs are being met by external services providers. The document contains data from IDC's January 2024 worldwide Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey,...

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