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Governance, risk and compliance infrastructure



Amy Cravens

Research Manager, GRC and ESG Management and Reporting Technologies

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    This IDC Market Perspective describes the key takeaways from the recently held PwC 2023 Analyst Day. PwC held the event in Boston, September 13 and 14, 2023, and presented a wide range of updates across all areas of its business, as well as...
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    This IDC Survey Spotlight examines organizations' perceptions on the impact of ESG practices on building and maintaining organizational trust. IDC research finds that responsible ESG management is instrumental in building trust in an organi...
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    This IDC study presents the top 10 predictions for sustainability/ESG for 2024."Worldwide, organizations are feeling the pressure to respond to changing sustainability requirements and new regulatory environments. They are doing this at dif...
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  • ESG for Financial Institutions—Delivering Improved ESG Performance through Data Services and Platforms


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    Software, Governance, risk and compliance infrastructure, Security and trust products

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 Market Perspective Tech Supplier

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Climate Risk Analytics 2023 Vendor Assessment


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    Software, Governance, risk and compliance infrastructure, Security and trust products

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 IDC MarketScape Tech Buyer

  • IDC´s Worldwide: IAM Security Products Taxonomy


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    Planned for CY2023 Q4 Taxonomy Tech Supplier

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