target audience: TECH BUYER  Publication date: Aug 2023 - Document type: IDC PlanScape - Doc  Document number: # US51157323

IDC PlanScape: Developing Your Path to Impact with Generative AI


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Table of Contents

  • IDC PlanScape Figure

    • Figure: IDC PlanScape: Executive Summary of Developing Your Path to Impact with Generative AI

  • Executive Summary

  • Why Is Generative AI Important?

  • What Is Generative AI?

    • Figure: Generative AI: The Path to Impact

    • Key Business Activities

    • Core Generative AI Technologies

    • The Emerging Model Landscape

    • Data Management Implications

    • Addressing Generative AI Security Concerns

    • Infrastructure Implications

    • Software Platform Implications

    • GenAI-Infused Applications

    • Defining and Prioritizing the Use Cases

    • Figure: Generative AI: The Path to Impact with Sample Use Cases

    • Defining a Trust and Oversight Program

  • Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

  • How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Generative AI?

    • Figure: Building the Road Map

    • Figure: Generative AI Sample Use Cases from Ar├želik

  • Advice for Technology Buyers

    • Set Up Your Generative AI Ethics/Governance Policy

    • Identify Your AI Champions

    • Prepare for a Rising Cost Structure Associated with GenAI

    • Define GenAI Workload Governance

    • Establish Data Controls

    • Think Through Your Vendor Partner Selection Carefully

    • Summary and Conclusion

  • Related Research