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Min Kim

Research Manager, Korea IT Services

Min Kim is a Research Manager for IDC's IT Services program in Korea. In this position, she provides market research, analysis, and forecast on IT Services market such as consulting, implementation, operations management, support and training.

Prior to joining IDC in May 2003, Ms. Kim was a software developer as well as a marketer in Mainline Korea, an IBM worldwide premier business partner. As a software developer, she developed the FX (Foreign Exchange) solution, and conducted marketing operation as a marketer as well.

Ms. Kim earned a BS degree in Social Science at Ewha Womens University and majored in Political Science and Diplomacy, minoring in Business Administration.

1H17 Country Report on IT Services - Korea

Dec 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP43217417

by: Steffi HanMin Kim

This IDC Presentation analyzes in detail the market and competitive landscape in IT services in Korea from January to June 2017 (1H17). It covers the market size movements and growth trends in each of the macromarkets (i.e., project-oriente...
Korea Big Data Technology and Services 2016-2020 Forecast

Jul 2017 - Market Forecast - Doc # AP41203616

by: Sang-Hyuk DohMin KimMin-Cheol Kim,  Munsu Choi,  Deok Woong Lee

IDC에서 국내 빅데이터 분석 시장 조사를 담당하고 있는 도상혁 책임 연구원은 "데이터 기반의 경영을 중요하게 생각하는 기업의 증가와 사물 인터넷 시장의 성장으로 인한 데이터 증가가 빅데이터 분석 시장의 성장에 기여할 것이다. 국내 빅데이터 분석 시장에서 과거에는 파일럿 프로젝트나 인프라 구축이 중심이 되었다면 향후에는 각 분야에서 실질적인 분석 사례와 관련된 프로젝트가 중심이 되고, 향후 해당 프로젝트 수행을 위한 데이터 분...
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