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IDC's Worldwide Converged Systems Tracker Taxonomy, 2023


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Table of Contents

  • IDC's Worldwide Converged Systems Tracker Taxonomy

    • Figure: Converged Systems Tracker Primary Segments

  • Converged Systems Tracker Taxonomy Changes for 2023

  • Taxonomy Overview

  • Definitions

    • Converged Systems

    • Certified Reference Systems

    • Integrated Platforms

    • Integrated Infrastructure

    • Criteria to Meet to Be Considered Integrated Systems or Certified Reference Systems

    • Hyperconverged Systems

    • Maturing Market Drives Diversity of HCI Architectures

    • Background: Getting to Disaggregated Hyperconverged Systems

    • Route to Market: Single Vendor Versus Partnerships

    • Software Included Within Converged Systems Market Sizing

    • IDC Market Definitions

    • Branded Market View

    • System Vendor and Hyperconverged Software Vendor Revenue Attribution Differences

    • Metrics Used to Measure the Integrated Infrastructure and Platform Market

    • Exchange Rates

    • Vendor Recognition

    • Enterprise Storage System, Server, Networking, and Software Taxonomies

    • Enterprise Storage System Definitions

    • Important Enterprise Storage System Metrics

    • Enterprise Server Definitions

    • Enterprise Network Infrastructure Definitions

    • Ethernet Switches

    • Fibre Channel Switches

    • InfiniBand Switches

    • Software Definitions

    • Applications Market Definition

    • Application Development and Deployment Software Market Definition

    • System Infrastructure Software Market Definition

    • Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

    • Hyperconverged Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

    • Network Infrastructure Software

  • Learn More

    • Methodology

    • Synopsis