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IDC Manufacturing Insights Team

Simon Ellis

Program Vice President

Jeffrey Hojlo

Program Director, Product Innovation Strategies

Christopher Holmes

Managing Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific

Maggie Slowik

Senior Research Analyst

Lorenzo Veronesi

Research Manager, EMEA

Jing Bing Zhang

Research Director, IDC Worldwide Robotics

Ashley Gilliam

Consulting Vice President

Robert Parker

Group Vice President

Victoria Brown

Research Manager, Global Supply Chain Execution

Yue Zhang

Research Manager

Ivano Ortis

Vice President, IDC Financial Insights, IDC Manufacturing Insights, IDC Retail Insights

Aly Pinder

Program Director, Service Innovation & Connected Products

Reid Paquin

Research Director

Chris Dong

Research Director – IDC China

Kevin Prouty

Group Vice President, Energy and Manufacturing Insights

Nilmadhab Mandal

Research Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights

New Research

This IDC Energy Insights Pivot Table presents the market sizing and forecast estimates for the utilities industry. This document provides a detailed methodology and taxonomy for IDC Energy Insights' Worldwide Utility Industry IT Spending Gu...
This IDC PlanScape explores the evolution of the field service organization for a manufacturer in the advent of connected products. Service leaders and the front-line service team have a wealth of data at their fingertips, which has equippe...
JDA acquiring Blue Yonder is a demonstration of how retail software vendors are converging toward the IDC Retail Commerce Platform (IDC #EMEA43792118). The combination of JDA's long-term supply chain and merchandising experience and Blue Yo...
Renewables Economic Risk to the Grid

Jul 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44075618

by: Kevin ProutyJohn Villali

This IDC Perspective looks at the economic impact of the adoption of onsite renewables on the overall grid. Renewable energy sources provide both a great opportunity and a risk to utilities. To avoid financial risk to operating and maintain...
China's Smart City Trends, 2Q18 Update

Jul 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # US44103317

by: Chris Dong

This IDC Market Presentation touches upon all favorable aspects of Smart City in China, including definition, mission and purpose, key programs, market size and forecast, subvertical breakdowns, pilot projects, and technology foundations. I...
Quorum Transforming in the New Oil and Gas Market

Jul 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44075118

by: Kevin Prouty

This IDC Perspective looks at Quorum's platform and how it aligns with changes in the upstream and midstream software markets. Quorum's transition to a platform strategy is a critical change that tracks with the strategies of upstream and m...
This IDC Perspective breaks down the fundamentals of competitive wholesale power markets and examines the opportunities for automated generation dispatch software."Automated generation dispatch software or automated generation control (AGC)...
Digital Transformation Use Cases for Product Innovation

Jul 2018 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43668818

by: Jeffrey Hojlo

This IDC Perspective provides the leading digital transformation use cases that impact product innovation across asset-, brand-, engineering-, and technology-oriented industries."Organizations that take a use case approach to determining ho...
Led by the Australian Digital Transformation Agency, this is the highest value WOG contract to create a more integrated and cost-efficient government.