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IDC Government Insights Team

Henry Yan

Senior Research Manager

Jill Zu

Market Analyst

Mark Zannoni

Research Director

Alison Brooks, Ph.D.

Research Director, Smart Cities Strategies, Public Safety

Roberta Bigliani

Vice President, IDC Energy Insights, IDC Government Insights and IDC Health Insights

Chris Pennell

Research Director, IDC Government Insights

Christopher Holmes

Managing Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific

Jan Alexa

Research Manager

Scott Lundstrom

Group Vice President and General Manager of IDC Government and Health Insights

Shawn P. McCarthy

Research Director

Adelaide O'Brien

Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies

Silvia Piai

Senior Research Manager, EMEA

Gerald Wang

Head, Asia Pacific Public Sector

Ruthbea Yesner

Vice President, IDC Government Insights and Smart Cities

Adriana Allocato

Senior Research Analyst

Andrew Munton

Consulting Director

Chris Dong

Research Director – IDC China

Curt Savoie

Program Director

New Research

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