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Research Vice President – Worldwide Public Safety

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Group Vice President, Head of Industry Insights, Future of Operations and Industry Ecosystems Executive Lead, IDC Europe

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Research Manager, Government Trust and Resiliency Strategy

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Senior Research Manager, Vertical Industry Research and Consulting, IDC China

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Senior Research Manager, Software, Cloud, and Industry Transformation, IDC MEA

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Senior Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Data Intelligence, Services, and Industry Research

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European Head, IDC Government Insights

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Senior Research Manager, IDC Worldwide Education Digital Strategies

Dr. Chris Marshall

Vice President, Data, Analytics, AI, Sustainability, and Industry Research

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    本IDC调查焦点基于IDC在2024年1月开展的未来企业韧性和支出调研(IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey, Wave 11),重点介绍了全球政府行业客户对人工智能投资的比例及选择生成式AI平台时的关注要点。上述调研结果显示,人工智能的主要投资包括生产式AI、解释性AI和预测性AI,其中解释性AI依然占据较大的投资比例,达到38%,究其原因主要是利用图片和视频数据进行政务服务、城市治理得到了广泛的应用,...
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    This IDC Market Perspective summarizes key takeaways from NTT DATA's EMEA and Latin America (EMEAL) Analyst Day, in which the company presented its new leadership and strategy. The event focused on how it is bringing together the various pa...
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    本IDC调查焦点基于IDC在2024年1月开展的未来企业韧性和支出调研(IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey, Wave 11),重点介绍了全球政府行业客户面临的政务大模型落地在数字基础设施方面的挑战。上述调研结果显示,有23.7%的客户选择数据安全和隐私政策的不足,大模型的训练和推理涉及到大量的数据,涉密数据很难进行标注用于训练,政府敏感数据的处理涉及隐私和安全顾虑。另外,有12.5%的政府客户担心模型...
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    This IDC study provides a five-year forecast for the electric vehicle market for the 2024–2028 period."With increasing competition among automakers, EV customers will soon have the choice among a range of EVs at various price points. Howeve...
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    This IDC Market Note includes an executive briefing held in conjunction with the Google Public Sector Generative AI Live + Labs event at the Google office on Pier 57 in New York City on February 29. Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector,...
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    This IDC PlanScape serves as a strategic guide for higher education IT leaders and discusses the importance and implications of GenAI for institutions around the world. The document provides key details to help higher education IT leaders u...
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    This IDC Perspective discusses France's strategic approach to digital transformation, emphasizing the need for an "Invisible Bureaucracy" to enhance public services through technology and data utilization. It highlights France's strengths i...
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    This IDC Market Note provides state and local government users with 10 essential tips for successfully implementing generative AI (GenAI), emphasizing experimentation, leveraging AI for tedious tasks, and approaching GenAI as a co-creator. ...
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    This IDC Market Note discusses the annual federal geographic information systems (GIS) conference hosted by Esri in February 2024. The conference highlighted the use of GIS in various sectors such as national security, sustainability, clima...
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    This IDC Market Perspective provides IDC's views, learnings, perspectives, and advice after attending NTT DATA's Analyst Day held January 17–18 in Plano, Texas. It encapsulates several sessions in which IDC heard from multiple speakers. The...

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