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Takashi Manabe

Group Director, Software & Security / IT Spending, IDC Japan

Takashi Manabe is the Group Director of Software & Security and IT Spending research teams in IDC Japan. Mr Manabe's primary responsibility includes the analysis of the dynamics and trends, vendor strategies, and market sizing/modeling of Japan’s enterprise applications and IT security market, and IT spending. He also covers primary area of Unified Communications in Japan, including IP Telephony equipment, IP Contact Center Systems market, IP Conference systems market, Enterprise Mobility system and Messaging/Presence Management system. 

Before joining IDC, Mr. Manabe worked at Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., and Toshiba TEC Corporation. 25 years his experience in the communications market, Mr. Manabe started his business as a system engineer for PBX/enterprise data communications equipment in Toshiba Corporation. He was also act as product planning and marketing manager for communication equipment. He also acted as business planning, business management in Toshiba America's age for cable TV Internet business in the enterprise and consumer communication market. Just prior to join IDC, Mr. Manabe worked at Toshiba TEC Corporation, for document solution such like MFP remote management system, as product planning manager.

Mr.Manabe graduate of Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan, holds a Master Degree of Electronic Engineering. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Managed Machinery Systems from Muroran Institute of Technology.

本調査レポートは、国内コグニティブ/AIソリューション市場について分析している。国内企業におけるコグニティブ/AIシステムの活用への注目が高まる一方で、国内のユーザー企業にはコグニティブ/AIシステムに対する十分な人的リソースを保有しておらず、ベンダーやシステムインテグレーターの提供する業種/業務特化型のコグニティブ/AIソリューションへのニーズが高まっている。IDC Japan ソフトウェア&セキュリティマーケットアナリストの草地 慎太郎は、「コグニティブ/AIソリューショ...
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