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Cynthia Ho

Associate Research Director, Enterprise Servers Enterprise Server and Data Center Research Group

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    This IDC study provides a comprehensive overview of and definitions for enterprise servers. The definitions provided in this document represent the scope of IDC's server hardware research, specifically the server tracker and forecast delive...
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    This IDC study provides an overview of and definitions for markets and dimensions reported in IDC's Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Tracker. This taxonomy outlines market segmentations and measurement methodologies for artificial int...
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    This IDC Market Presentation is a companion product to IDC flagship trackers that are a leading industry benchmark for measuring and monitoring a market’s size and forecast. This presentation provides an in-depth analysis of the Australia e...
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  • Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Datacenter Deployment Model and Spend Forecast, 1H24: 2023–2027


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    Software, System infrastructure software, Hardware, Servers, Storage, Enterprise network infrastructure, Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2024 Q2 Market Forecast Tech Supplier