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Eiji Ishida

Group Manager, Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions, IDC Japan

Eiji Ishida is the Group Manager of IDC's Japan Imaging, Printing & Document Solutions research team, based in Tokyo. Mr. Ishida is responsible for the analysis of Japan's Managed Print Services, Outsourced Document Services, Mobile/Cloud Printing, and MFP market. In this role, he analyzes the  overview of Japan HCP market, changing directions of the market, and emerging user requirements. He also contributes to various custom research projects and provides Go-To-Market services.

Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Ishida was with a HCP vendor over 20 years. During his tenure, he has led many research and development projects for Document Processing and Knowledge Management, and participated in business development projects for Outsourcing Services. He has started his carrier as a research scientist and has worked in the research subsidiary company located in Palo Alto, California, where is the center of Silicon Valley. After returning to Japan, He developed Knowledge Management Systems, and designed and implemented Document Service Platform. He also contributed to develop Managed Print Services business in Japan, especially in the areas of service process standardization and service support technologies.

Mr. Ishida holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and a Master of Software Engineering from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

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