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Craig Simpson

Senior Research Manager, Customer Insights & Analysis

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    This IDC study provides a detailed description of IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide methodology and taxonomy. It should be used as a companion piece for IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide. Technology s...
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    This IDC Market Presentation examines why digital spending may be the most disruption proof and looks at data from our Digital Spending Guide to see how digital spending is expected to grow in the coming years and which areas are experienci...
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    本IDC研究报告介绍了IDC 2023年数字业务战略十大预测。这些预测将为企业在未来五年发展成为数字企业提供指导。它们也是IDC对该预测期内数字业务领域将发生的十个最重要转变的展望,可帮助首席级高管提升数字化成熟度。"面对经济衰退,企业现在可能想削减支出,但过去三年证明,数字企业是发展韧性的最好基础。重视数字化成熟度的企业未来五年的竞争力将进一步增强。"——IDC全球数字业务战略研究总监Craig Powers表示。
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