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Penny Madsen

Senior Research Director, Cloud and Edge Services, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

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Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Services, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Dr. Ron Babin

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Cora Carmody

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David Weldon

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Mary Johnston Turner

Research Vice President, Future of Digital Infrastructure, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Ashish Nadkarni

Group Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

New Research

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    This IDC Survey Spotlight draws upon IDC's 3Q23 CloudPulse Survey data, which highlights the skills requirements and challenges of organizations using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or other cloud models. It also explores the primary ro...
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    This IDC Survey draws upon IDC's CloudPulse Survey results that provide an indication of how banks are adopting cloud and what conversations they will want to have with vendors and service providers as they look to deploy in the cloud and t...
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    IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue of less than $100 million that have demonstrated success in either a growing technology segment or an innovative new technology approach — or both. This IDC Innovators study offers insights f...
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    This IDC PeerScape explores several examples of how successful organizations developed centers of excellence that met or exceeded expectations and how they addressed the challenges surrounding COEs. It examines how each organization:Identif...
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    This IDC Survey Spotlight draws upon IDC's 4Q23 Cloud Pulse data which highlights the different conversations cloud suppliers and providers need to have with customers doing hybrid and multicloud compared with those focusing on a single clo...
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    This IDC Vendor Profile provides an overview of several announcements from IBM related to edge computing. These announcements include new hardware and partnerships that address performance, cost, and location challenges that organizations f...
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    This IDC PeerScape examines practices that two forward-looking senior enterprise leaders are implementing to ensure strong alignment between their business priorities and the digital infrastructure investments being made to support emerging...
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    本調査レポートでは、2024年に更新されたIDCの「Future of Digital Infrastructure」フレームワークについて説明する。このフレームワークは、デジタルインフラストラクチャ環境全体に渡る新たなイノベーションと破壊的変化が、今後数年間でどのように競争上の優位性を獲得するための重要な機会をもたらすかについて、企業の意思決定者に最新の見解を提供する。このフレームワークは、重要なコンピューティング、ストレージ、エッジ、ネットワーク、管理運用テクノロジーとパ...
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    This IDC Market Presentation is an executive summary of IDC's 1Q24 Cloud Pulse Survey findings. The interest in AI means that business goals are now aligning with IT goals, and this is driving transformation across the business. But cloud b...

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