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IDC defines customer experience as a customer’s perception and emotional response to the sum of the interactions and engagement with an enterprise.

An enterprise can use several elements to influence Customer Experience:

Customer Experience Processes

Internal Processes that support Customer Experience Processes

Customer Success and Loyalty strategies

Deepening Customer Understanding through Customer Intelligence and Voice of Customer techniques

Product / Service Experiences

Organizational Culture and Structure

Customer experience responsibility now stretches over several business functions, and not just marketing or sales. Learn more about the customer experience market and explore IDC’s European Customer Experience Management Strategies research and see why this area is such a critical component of the Future Enterprise.

Customer Success – the Salesforce approach

Read about Salesforce's approach to customer success. Find out how it organizes and manages its Customer Success Group and the role it plays in lowering customer churn, market share growth and long-term loyalty, advocacy and customer value.

Transforming CX into Customer Success and Loyalty

Customer Experience (CX) for many executives is an all-embracing concept that is difficult to define, execute and measure. To develop, CX must now evolve into tangible business value with clear operating boundaries, measurable cause and effect, and ROI.

New technologies are a key enabler of scalable customer success and loyalty management. In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How and why CX, customer success and loyalty are hot and connected
  • Real-time CX – is it real?
  • Technologies to personalise your communications and channels and emotionally engage your customers
  • The new frontier of customer journeys and workflows 2.0
  • Innovative ways of measuring your CX, customer success and loyalty performance

This is a must-watch webinar for tech and telco marketing and sales managers wishing to understand the latest CX, customer success and loyalty trends and technologies.

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CX, Customer Success & Loyalty


  • Word-of-Mouth
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Improved response rates


  • Easier and faster deals
  • Account retention
  • Account expansion


  • Growth engine
  • Strong brand
  • Future confidence


Read our latest insight about customer experience, business opportunities, why it is essential and how to improve and measure it.

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Gerry has 11 years’ experience as a senior analyst and consultant in customer-oriented enterprise applications and services....

Gerry Brown

Customer Experience Practice, Co-leader Research Director, European Software Group

Van Valdez brings 20 years' experience as a customer experience practitioner...

Van Valdez

Associate Research Director, CX, IDC Europe

Melissa Fremeijer-Holtz is a research manager in IDC's European Enterprise Infrastructure and Communications...

Melissa Fremeijer

Senior Research Analyst, European Telecommunications and Networking

Gaia Gallotti is the Associate Research Director for IDC Energy Insights in Europe...

Gaia Gallotti

Associate Research Director, IDC Utilities Insights

Ornella Urso is senior research analyst for IDC Retail Insights in Europe. In her role she offers strategic...

Ornella Urso

Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights

Nathan Budd is a consulting director, working across strategic, market intelligence and go-to-market solutions...

Nathan Budd

Consulting Director

Chris Barnard is vice president, European Infrastructure and Communications, at IDC. He joined the company...

Chris Barnard

Vice President, European Infrastructure and Communications

Byron Messaris

Consulting Manager, European Consulting

Ewa Zborowska joined IDC CEMA in January 2003. As a research director in the IT services group...

Ewa Zborowska

Research Director, IDC Poland

Andreas Storz is a research analyst in the European Channels and Alliances program where...

Andreas Storz

Research Analyst

Alan Webber is Program Vice President for Digital Strategy and Customer Experience...

Alan Webber

Program Vice President, Customer Experience

Ralf Helkenberg is a research manager with the European security research team, responsible...

Ralf Helkenberg

Research Manager, European Privacy and Data Security

Angela Vacca is a senior research manager in IDC's European Industry Solutions,...

Angela Vacca

Senior Research Manager, European Industry Solutions, Customer Insights & Analysis

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