Internet of Things (IoT) Team

Franco Chiam

Vice President

Dave McCarthy

Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Services, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Adam Wright

Research Manager, Global DataSphere

Ashish Nadkarni

Group Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

Hugh Ujhazy

Vice President, IoT and Telecommunications

Ko Shikita

Research Manager, Verticals & Cross Technologies, Research, IDC Japan

Mario Morales

Group Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Milan Kalal

Senior Research Manager, European Services Strategies

Monika Kumar

Group Vice President & General Manager, IDC Data & Analytics

Nigel Wallis

Research VP, Americas Industry Insights

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

Rick Villars

Group Vice President Worldwide Research

Natalya Yezhkova

Research Vice President, Enterprise and Emerging Workloads, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Yuri Cui

Senior Research Manager

New Research

  • By:  Natalya Yezhkova Loading

    This IDC Survey Spotlight provides insights on how often companies tend to evaluate adequacy of their computing and storage resources for serving the needs of their enterprise workloads and assessing the need of moving workloads into other ...
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    This IDC study categorizes the Japan industry into 21 industry sectors, comprising 17 business segments and 4 nonbusiness segments: central government, local government (referred to as "municipalities" in IDC's market definition), education...
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    This IDC Survey presents a worldwide view of IT buyer assessments of how rising demand for accelerated computing to support AI workloads is driving organizations to reevaluate workload deployment choices, consider new ways to reduce infrast...
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    These event proceedings were presented at the IDC Directions conferences in Boston and San Jose in March and April 2024.
  • By:  Ramon T. Llamas Loading

    This IDC study provides a forecast for the U.S. wearables installed base for the 2024–2028 period."The U.S. wearables market is one of the most mature in the world, yet the decline in volumes in 2022 and 2023 compared with pandemic levels w...
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    This IDC study provides historical data (2019–2023) and forecast data (2024–2028) for the worldwide and U.S. external enterprise storage systems markets. The forecast represents an annual view of the quarterly forecasts released in March 20...
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    This IDC study, which presents IDC's current taxonomy for the enterprise storage systems market, should serve as a guide for the existing base of enterprise storage research and for the planned base of IDC hardware research. IDC expects tha...
  • By:  Ramon T. Llamas Loading

    This IDC study discusses a five-year forecast for the worldwide wearables installed base. "The worldwide installed base of wearable devices continues to swell with a steady stream of device releases and upgrades combined with consumer tende...
  • By:  Rick Villars Loading

    These event proceedings were presented at the IDC Directions conferences in Boston and San Jose in March and April 2024.Enterprises are shifting the weight of their technology investments toward AI-enhanced products/services and use of AI a...

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