Market Sizing Forecasts Reveal Growth Opportunities for a North American Telco

Outpacing competitive forces and delivering on today's customer expectations, requires a level of market intelligence that can provide an acute understanding of product and market opportunities.

The Situation

A North American Telecom brand required market intelligence to build out effective marketing and sales plans. They also needed to understand the future outlook for over 50 wireless products and services, in order to create accurate revenue forecasts to support their product planning and development.

Adding to exiting challenges in forecasting new opportunities, was the range in product complexity; products include established technologies like corporate liable wireless connectivity and enterprise mobility management to more emerging technologies such as understanding the potential of augmented reality, private cellular networks, and fixed wireless access.

The Solution

  • IDC CSPs worked closely with the Telecom team to provide five-year revenue forecast, for approximately 60 different wireless products and services, to be used in product planning and development as well as in the development of marketing plans.
  • IDC’s custom research team provided end-to-end support which included, benchmarking results, and three 90-minute presentations to internal stakeholders, to present findings and share insights.

"The forecasts...and related qualitative analyses that discuss trends...has become the source for business wireless market sizing here..."

Manager - Market Intelligence
Top North American Telecom Company

The Results

Accurate year-over-year market forecasts and growth rates that are used for market sizing.

Reliable qualitative analysis and industry trends insights that support product and marketing plans.

Industry-specific data is now the relied-upon source of market intelligence by internal stakeholder groups.

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