Licensed & Customized Marketing Content

Compelling, Flexible Content
with Analyst Insights

Licensed or customized content helps free your time and fills your calendars with thought leadership content filled with analyst insights

IDC’s licensed and customized marketing content adapts content built around businesses’ brand association with relevant technology topics and trends and leveraging expert opinion from the CSP community.

  • Develop custom assets tailored to your businesses’ marketing messages
  • Create thought leadership content that associates your brand with industry-recognized credibility
  • Provide you with digital distribution rights to license and share IDC published research with your target audience

Licensed and Customized Content Approach

Marketing content that integrates with your digital marketing campaigns

  • Licensed Content

    Digital distribution rights for an existing published IDC document or excerpt provide you with a license to share the research with your target audience.

  • Customized Content

    IDC White Paper or Spotlight, pulls from IDC’s published research, and combines it with customized insight and commentary from an IDC analyst.

Licensed vs. Customized Content. How to Choose Which is Right for You.

Developing compelling content, messaging, and campaigns that engage your target audience and move your prospects and customers along the buying cycle is not a simple task. It is a time and cost struggle to create the varying content that your buyer is looking for at each stage of their journey.

Empower Your Content Marketing with Research-driven Content Options