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Monitor and predict spending for different industries, company sizes, and other key segments with IDC Spending Guide. Inform strategy by understanding spending dynamics for established and emerging technologies.

From a Spending Guide Customer

"No other research firm has anything close to your large repository of use cases and your willingness to size them has been hugely valuable to us."

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Size Tech Buyer Spend by Industry and Technology

The IDC Spending Guide will help you:

  • Set accurate sales quotas by product/market, region and industry
  • Show customers where they need to invest their IT and product development budgets
  • Set goals based on use cases and technologies
  • Identify and forecast growth and magnitude of a given market

Why Use IDC’s Spending Guide?

  • Market benchmarking
  • Investment decision-making
  • Thought leadership positioning

What Key Roles Does Spending Guide Help Support?

  • Market Intelligence and Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Product Management
  • Research

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Markets and Opportunities Covered in IDC Spending Guide:

Examine technology spending trends in major and emerging opportunities across industries, businesses and other key segments.

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