Content Marketing Services

Maximize Your Content
Marketing Performance

Create measurable digital marketing content that redefines your customer dialogue

Our team works with you to define relevant success metrics and then build your campaigns with research-based content your buyers are looking for. We help:

  • Develop compelling digital content that engages your audience
  • Drive traffic and qualified leads
  • Provide instant validation through IDC's worldwide market intelligence

IDC Content for Every Stage of Your Buyer Journey

Proven quality content, fueled by the world's top tech analysts, that turns prospects into buyers

  1. Explore

    The right content when your buyers are looking for it during their exploration stage.

  2. Evaluate

    Tailored content, with market insights, for buyers evaluating your product.

  3. Purchase

    Content with a deeper understanding of your customers, to facilitate action.

Licensed and Customized Content Formats

IDC's unique content is proven to fuel purchase decisions and gets noticed in a hyper-educated buyers' market. For greater flexibility and speed to market, our content can be licensed or you can select customized content that elevates your thought leadership.

The New Content Landscape: A Guide for B2B Marketers

B2B marketers know that the number of buyers in one transaction continues to grow. But if you think those buyers are still going through the funnel in a linear journey, you need to read our latest article about the new content landscape.

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