Thought Leadership

Is your business struggling to reach new customers and elevate your brand’s position in the market?

Enterprise technology buyers have never been more connected, and audiences have never had as many channels to access content as they do today. The opportunity is massive, but the challenge is daunting for marketers to reach today’s tech buyers who are smarter and more self-educated than ever.

To succeed in this content saturated environment, sales and marketing professionals must speak the buyer’s language through quality content and know what is of interest to them.

IDC's Thought Leadership practice provides leading edge quality content that elevates your brand image and associates your company with emerging technology trends – to drive your global media coverage, market awareness, and re-define your client dialogue.

Why is Thought Leadership important?

Thought Leadership fuels valuable and quality content

Targets the right buyer personas with said content

Builds brand awareness

Builds a foundation of trust and credibility

Increased Marketing ROI

Aligns Marketing and Sales strategies, better capturing today’s buyers

IDC Thought Leadership Portfolio

Thought Leadership begins with a major brand building initiative and involves creating messaging in various content formats

Our Process

Leverage the IDC Thought Leadership Methodology and Approach

Thought Leadership Case Study

Associate your brand with an emerging technology trend and raise your thought leadership position in the marketplace.

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About IDC

As a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, IDC can help create the content your business needs to get noticed and become the preferred solution for your buyers.

IDC’s Content Marketing Services empowers your technology marketing with global insights, trusted counsel and quality content that helps strengthen your audience engagement and move your prospects and customers along the buying cycle.

At IDC, we believe that research-driven insights and customized content will make your brands, products and services stand out from competition. That’s why we offer integrated, end-to-end content marketing services.

Reach new customers and elevate your brand position with IDC’s Industry Vertical and Technology Research

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