AI Everywhere

How GenAI is Powering a New Era of Tech and Business

Accelerate GenAI Business Value

Rapid adoption is moving AI from an emerging software segment to a critical technology at the center of a platform transition and a new era of computing - the Era of AI Everywhere.

IDC has developed a framework to help guide business leaders on their GenAI path to impact highlighting:

  • Key supporting business activities and programs that will ultimately determine success
  • Core GenAI technologies, including foundation models and capabilities
  • A set of use cases tied to measurable business outcomes
  • A well-orchestrated trust and oversight program to ensure that GenAI technologies can be deployed in a secure and sustainable manner
Generative foundation models diagram comprising circular elements in the center, three pentagonal shapes arranged from left to right, and a right-pointing arrow at the bottom.

Generative Foundation Models

The center circle contains the following text, Generative Foundation Models. The next ring is labeled as Data and contains the following text arranged in clockwise order - Code, Video, Images, Structures, Audio, and Text. The outer ring contains the following terms arranged in clockwise order and separated by arrows/chevrons -- Ingest, Train, Tune, Infer, and Run. Moving from left to right, a pentagonal shape is labeled as Key Activities and contains the following terms - Responsible AI Policy, Strategy & Roadmap, Intelligence Architecture, and Reskilling & Training. A second pentagonal shape labeled as Core Technologies contains the following text - Infrastructure and Platforms. A third pentagonal shape labeled Business Impact, contains the following text - Industry Use Cases, Business Function Use Cases, and Productivity Use Cases. At the top of this pentagonal shape is a lighter shaded area with two text labels - External and Internal. Running across the bottom of the diagram is a right-pointing arrow that contains the following text - Trust & Oversight.

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How can you prepare your organization for the potential impact of GenAI?

STRATEGY -  Navigating Generative AI: A Build vs Buy Perspective

Understand the strategic considerations to unlock GenAI's full potential

Our Experts Can Help

Sample some of the latest GenAI analysis from our global experts and learn more about how we are helping our customers further below. For more examples of actionable insights from IDC analysts visit our Resource Center.

Our customers are partnering with us to:

  • Bring internal alignment to teams around their GenAI strategy

  • Recognize GenAI adoption trends to address product gaps

  • Develop unique GenAI marketing assets to drive leads and awareness

  • Train sales on business value positioning and conversations

For Our Customers

Over the course of the coming months we will be providing active subscription customers with access to select GenAI research via the Executive Information Service.

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