Improve Your Partner
Influence and Investment

Through IDC's Partnering practice, we work with you to identify, evaluate and recruit partners

Our team provides actionable partner intelligence, competitive channel insights and tools to help you manage successful partnering programs. The goal is to improve influence with partners and maximize the return on business partnering investment. We help:

  • Design, develop, and manage successful partnering programs
  • Sustain and nurture high performing partners, creating greater share of wallet and improved dialogue
  • Drive more revenue through your partner channel

Design and Develop Successful Partnering Programs

A proven partner methodology and approach

  1. Partner Insights

  2. Partner Program Validation

Data: Operational Advantage or Strategic Imperative

Technology suppliers need accurate market data to help them size and analyze markets, identify and capitalize on sales opportunities, evaluate partnerships and alliances, and hone operational best practices.

Improve Your Influence with Partners and Maximize Return
on Your Partnering Investment