Sales Enablement

Is your business struggling to sell and work productively?

Major changes to the IT Buyer landscape present new challenges to salespeople. Today’s IT Buyers mostly self-educate and only make contact with sales later in their journey and the line-of-business buyer now plays a much bigger role in the buying process.

The Sales Enablement Practice helps IDC clients engage prospects in compelling sales conversations by leveraging IDC intelligence and vertical market insights. To create a compelling buyer experience, the Interpersonal Dialog must be elevated and in sync with the Digital Dialog.

Why is Sales Enablement important?

Ensure sales conversations are highly relevant to your buyers’ rapidly changing needs

Structure customer roadmaps based on triggers that tie future purchases to changes in the economic environment as a way of offering flexibility in the face of uncertainty

Understand the business value your solutions deliver so sellers can speak to cost optimization objectives that preoccupy today’s buyers

Ensure salespeople are educated and well prepared on your organization’s messaging, especially how to help customers develop business resiliency

IDC Sales Enablement Portfolio

IDC's Sales Enablement practice provides a wealth of content on technology industry trends, spending data and vertical market trends to provide custom sales enablement solutions to engage prospects and buyers

Our Process

Leverage the IDC Sales Enablement Methodology and Approach

Sales Enablement Case Study

Ensure sales teams are in the best position to sell more effectively with highly relevant conversations that advance the sales process with their prospects and buyers.

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About IDC

As a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, IDC can help create the content your business needs to get noticed and become the preferred solution for your buyers.

IDC’s Content Marketing Services empowers your technology marketing with global insights, trusted counsel and quality content that helps strengthen your audience engagement and move your prospects and customers along the buying cycle.

At IDC, we believe that research-driven insights and customized content will make your brands, products and services stand out from competition. That’s why we offer integrated, end-to-end content marketing services.

Empower your business by selling more effectively and working more productively.

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