Sales Enablement

Build New Sales Skills and
Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Engage prospects and create a compelling buyer experience with relevant sales conversations focused on business outcomes

To capture today’s buyers, sales and marketing buyer engagement strategies must be aligned. IDC’s Sales Enablement practice empowers organizations to sell more effectively and helps connect and align your marketing and sales efforts.

  • Facilitate persuasive sales conversations with buyers and C-level executives
  • Align digital marketing conversations with interpersonal sales conversations
  • Educate sellers on the market, buyer personas and business challenges

Build a Value-based Sales Enablement Strategy

Every sales conversation needs to be relevant to your buyers’ needs

  1. Education

    The right content when your buyers are looking for it during their exploration stage.

  2. Sales Call Aids

    Tailored content with market insights for buyers evaluating your product.

  3. Sales Engagement

    Content with a deeper understanding of your customers, to facilitate action.

Digital Marketing vs. Sales Conversations. We’re all Talking, but What is the Buyer Hearing?

Marketing and sales conversations with buyers today are happening in parallel, and what results is critical—the buying community doesn’t receive the message they need or expect from the organization (or brand). You may witness this through lack of engagement. You have an abundance of marketing content that is in market, several sales pitches and yet no one is engaging at a volume that matches the effort.

Empower Your Sales Conversations to Engage Today's Buyers