Demonstrating the ROI of Your IT Solutions To Ignite Demand and Drive Awareness

With an abundance of digital product information, buyers and decision-makers look to quantify a solution's impact on business outcomes and costs. To assist with vendor selection and business case development, suppliers must credibly demonstrate customer value and compelling ROI.

The Situation

Visier’s people analytics solution consolidates all sources of people insights so decision-makers of all business sizes can confidently shape business strategy, act, and drive better business results. Visier believes that in the aftermath of COVID-19, it is important to educate organizations on the value of leading with people analytics, and that “recovery starts with people.”

Visier was keen to demonstrate the tangible impact of people analytics on business outcomes. It sought to quantify the value of leading with people that its customers achieved. To do this, it was seeking a credible partner with a:

  • Proven ROI methodology
  • Strong brand recognition
  • History of creating compelling assets that support lead generation and accelerate the sales cycle

The Solution

  • Visier partnered with IDC to develop a Business Value Whitepaper that examined the impact of Visier's solution on organizational performance. IDC conducted in-depth interviews with 12 Visier customers to quantify and present the value of people analytics across the different stages of the employee lifecycle. The interview findings were presented in three formats for use across Visier’s drip campaigns and lower funnel sales reach out.
  • A comprehensive Business Value Whitepaper detailing the value of Visier people analytics in terms of ROI, efficiency, and payback A stand-alone Executive Summary emphasizing the ROI metrics of Visier people analytics A pictorial Business Value Snapshot capturing the key highlights of Visier for optimizing people analytics

"Quantifying and articulating the business value of our people analytics solution has been a differentiator for Visier. IDC Custom Solutions’ work is not only helping us educate the market but also facilitating sales."

The Results

Visier is leveraging the three different assets to fuel its digital marketing campaigns. By articulating and demonstrating the customer value and ROI of people analytics, Visier has bolstered its marketing campaigns to drive awareness of its solution and ignite demand

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