Informed Sales Teams Shorten Sales Cycles by Focusing on Customer Value

How IDC’s sales enablement training program helped a world leader in enterprise open-source solutions better resonate with their customers.

The Situation

One IDC client, a world leader in enterprise open-source solutions, needed an industry-specific sales enablement program that would provide their Sales support team the resources they needed to hold credible, informed sales conversations with educated buyers. The current territory representatives were not industry experts; they lacked the understanding of buyer needs, priorities and certainly couldn’t speak their language.

The Solution

  • IDC created a curriculum of two learning tracks for each industry – Foundational learning track - 101” and “Expert learning track – 201. The learning tracks included a series of five short IDC CSP-led prerecorded videos, with quizzes, per industry.
  • IDC Insight CSPs conducted 90-minute workshops, both in-person and virtually, on a regional scale for our client’s Annual Global Sales Kick-off meetings.

The Results

Industry-specific insights and training created a motivated and educated sales team, who were better able to seek, and qualify, the right buyers.

Sales reps began to adopt a value selling approach, which focused on improving the business outcomes of their buyers and resulted in a shortened sales cycle for this client.

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