Create Measurable ROI with Analyst Brief and Lead Pack

Business and IT leaders, with full engagement from the C-Suite, must build digital-first strategies that accelerate time to value, create sustainable growth, establish stronger competitive differentiation, and strengthen industry ecosystems.

The Situation

A North American Telecom brand required market intelligence to build out effective marketing and sales plans. They also needed to understand the future outlook for over 50 wireless products and services in order to create accurate revenue forecasts to support their product planning and development.

Adding to exiting challenges in forecasting new opportunities, was the range in product complexity; products include established technologies like corporate liable wireless connectivity and enterprise mobility management to more emerging technologies such as understanding the potential of augmented reality, private cellular networks, and fixed wireless access.

The Solution

After briefings with many firms, they decided to partner with IDC because of the firm’s deep domain knowledge in the industry. The company decided to join the IDC Accelerator Program and purchase the Lead Pack Add-On option to complement their IDC subscription.

“In an emerging market, education is critical. Many buyers rely on third-party perspectives; having an analyst signing their name on an analyst brief can make a big impact on demand generation and sales enablement.”

The Results


In total pipeline


Return on Investment


In total revenue