IDC Methodology

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IDC employs a number of assets that set us apart from other market research firms. Our comprehensive coverage promotes understanding of multiple industries. Additionally, our "global" research model, which is our study of both local and regional markets "on the ground," helps us to understand the nuances of local country markets while improving our global coverage. By promoting research standards and methodologies worldwide, we ensure forecast and analysis consistency across a wide range of geographies and coverage areas.

  • Research Standards

    IDC has developed a set of standards to guide analysts. These standards consist of the documentation of methodologies used...

  • IDC Objectivity

    At IDC, we recognize our duty to preserve objectivity, integrity, and independence in the creation and dissemination of our research....

  • Methodologies to Fit Market Segments

    Although IDC maintains a philosophy of fitting the methodology to the market segment, all of our studies share a core set of...

  • IDC MarketScape

    IDC MarketScape criteria selection, weightings, and vendor scores represent well-researched IDC judgment about the market...

  • Market Sizing and Forecasting Methodology

    IDC's most fundamental research mission is to accurately assess and forecast the size and shape of the key IT market segments.

  • The Importance of Analysts

    For all the strength of our analytical tools, research methods and standards, and foundation research, it is our analysts that will ...

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