About IDC Business Value White Papers

An IDC Business Value White Paper provides an in-depth ROI and business value analysis of your company’s products and solutions based on in-depth interviews with your end-user base. The IDC Analyst/author(s) works with you to create valuable content showing the business value and/or return on investment for a technology or offering, directly mentioning your company’s products or solutions and its benefits. Each White Paper combines customer interviews, business value analysis & model and Analyst technology expertise.

Why Choose a Business Value White Paper?

  • Compelling and holistic financial justification for investment in your company products or solutions, based on in-depth interviews with users

  • Highlights key cost, operational, and business KPI improvements with your products or solution(s)

  • Leverages customer quotes and use case examples to emphasize the voice of the customer

  • Data and findings can be leveraged to support many other assets, including lead generation tools

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