Enhancing Credibility With Financial Institutions

COVID-19 disrupted how all businesses operate, including the way they interact with their financial institutions. Digital banking solutions designed specifically for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are needed now more than ever to address the challenges SMBs face today and for the foreseeable future.

The Situation

Backbase is on a mission to transform the banking system by helping financial institutions offer compelling digital solutions for SMBs. Its digital engagement platform allows banks and credit unions to deliver robust, people-centric solutions and digital experiences to their customers.

The company was eager to enhance its credibility with Canadian financial institutions serving SMBs. For Backbase, the goals were clear:

  • Understand the impact of disruption on Canadian banking behaviour
  • Identify the impact of non-value-added activities on SMB leaders
  • Collect insight on how SMBs see their banking relationships evolve in future

The Solution

  • To lend credibility, Backbase partnered with IDC to complete a survey of 220 Canadian SMBs. Key survey findings were leveraged to develop two IDC marketing assets to help Backbase position itself as a thought leader and springboard discussions with financial institutions:
  • An Infographic that dives into digital banking experiences for SMBs in the Canadian marketplace
  • A Technology Spotlight showcasing key survey findings, and the challenges faced by financial institutions and SMBs, and a profile of how Backbase's digital platform helps resolve them

"Our success is driven by our ability to add clients and be known by C-level executives across major financial institutions within Canada. IDC’s custom solutions work was fundamental to help us drive towards these goals."

The Results

The thought leadership and research drove tangible opportunities for Backbase as it began to be included in the pool of SaaS digital banking providers where it previously did not exist

Backbase established itself as a true advocate by helping its clients develop a deep understanding of Canadian SMB challenges and ways to address them

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