About IDC’s Partner Shortlist With Profiles

Our enhanced solution takes precision to the next level for discerning B2B tech marketing executives. Beyond the Partner Shortlist, this product offers a deeper layer of insight by incorporating tailored profiles for each recommended partner. This sophisticated addition goes beyond by providing critical information sourced from our analysts.

From SWOT analyses and synergies with vendors to organizational size, market share, and distribution channels—the Partner Shortlist with Profiles ensures that you not only have a curated list but also a comprehensive understanding of each potential partner's landscape.

Why Choose IDC’s Partner Shortlist With Profiles?

  • Inform your channel partner go-to-market strategies, and identify, evaluate and select partners

  • Receive a tailored list of motivated partners that directly aligns with your partnering strategies

  • Effortlessly gain competitive insights by identifying potential collaborators' current partners

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