IDC Custom Solutions - Sales Enablement Toolkit:  A Sales Enablement Strategy That Drives Sales Performance

Forge meaningful connections with buyers by leveraging the right sales enablement tools.

We are in an era where tech buyers initiate their purchase journey online. As a sales professional navigating the ever-evolving ICT market, you need to understand the shifting motivations and intents throughout your customers’ journey. This understanding is your pivotal moment to develop sales enablement content that cultivates precise digital and interpersonal interactions across the entire customer lifecycle.

At the heart of our approach is cutting-edge research; it powers our sales enablement tools, which empowers you to craft a robust sales enablement strategy—a strategy that seamlessly aligns with your customer lifecycle, driving optimal performance for your sales teams.

A Proven Customer Value Selling Formula To Support Your Sales Enablement Strategy

Make Every Connection Count, at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

  1. 1

    Make it easy for customers to buy

    Ensure your sales enablement content is designed to empower your sales team in delivering value. Adaptability to the changing needs throughout the customer lifecycle is key to its effectiveness.

  2. 2

    Develop a value selling and marketing strategy

    Align your marketing content to effectively sell the value your solutions deliver.

  3. 3

    Develop an integrated approach

    Align sales, customer success, and value management teams for a consistent value story throughout your customer lifecycle.

  4. 4

    Make it easy for your sales teams to sell

    Invest in cutting-edge lead generation tools to automate the customer value selling process and create a digital repository.

Elevate Your Sales Enablement Strategy

Our sales enablement tools offer a deeper understanding of tech buyer priorities and purchase drivers. We provide comprehensive business value and sales enablement programs ensuring your value proposition is not just conveyed in marketing content but captured in an ongoing value discussion throughout the selling process.

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Build your sales enablement toolkit

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