The Future Enterprise: Hyperscale,
Hyperspeed and Hyperconnected


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Over the next 5 years, the digitizing economy will dramatically scale up and speed up. The pace of digital-powered innovation and operation will speed up by 10-fold or greater. This increased scale and speed of innovation and operation will be powered by hyperconnected operating models: sourcing value from - and distributing value through - massive, API-based digital platforms and communities.

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2020 Critical External Drivers

In IDC's FutureScape 2020, we will describe what critical new capabilities, operations and priorities will be required of the future enterprise, focusing on the future of:

I: The Age of Innovation — Driving the Future Enterprise

With direct digital transformation (DX) investment spending of $5.5 trillion over the years 2018 to 2021, DX continues to be a central area of business leadership thinking.

II: Accelerated Disruption — Navigating Business Challenges as Volatility Intensifies

The best–performing companies are pulling away from the rest, creating a bifurcated and unequal landscape where a few firms exhibit high productivity and profits.

III: The Platform Economy — Competing At Hyperscale

Today, we are in a platform economy — one in which tools, capabilities, and frameworks based upon the power of information, cognitive computing, and ubiquitous access will frame and channel our economic, business, and social lives.

IV: Sense, Compute, Act — Maximizing Data Value

In this “data-driving-action” world, ensuring the veracity of the data and transforming data into insights become a strategic imperative.

V. Crisis of Digital Trust — Escalating Threats Mandate Strategic Responses

Bad decisions, poor leadership, complexity, and cybercrime result in breaches that have a significant impact on businesses and customers. But, the crisis of trust goes beyond just security concerns.

VI: Geopolitical Risk — Societal and Economic Tensions Rise

Instability in global economics, politics and society is increasing. A digital backlash is seen in widespread demands for privacy, legislative limits on business models, and a push for antitrust activities to break up platform owners.

VII. Intelligence Everywhere: AI’s Opportunity and Implications

AI innovation and application are being driven by massive investments in all kinds of industries. IDC forecasts AI systems will more than double from 2018-2022 to $79.2 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.0%.

VIII. Rising Customer Expectations — More Convenience, Customization, and Control

With new customer expectations being set by thriving companies that disrupt markets, the previous levels of customer service are no longer good enough. New business, operational, and organizational models are required to meet continually growing consumer expectations.

IX: Reimagining the Material World — Revolutionized Materials and Processes Expand Digital Technology Reach

IDC forecasts that in 2022, worldwide spending on 3D printing to reach $23 billion, worldwide spending on robotics systems and drones will reach $210.3 billion and spending on cognitive and AI systems will grow to $77.6 billion.

X: The Future of Work —Agile, Augmented, Borderless, and Reconfigurable

The demographic shifts led by millennials entering the workforce and technology advances are driving fundamental changes in the workplace. IDC predicts that, by 2021, 60% of G2000 companies will have adopted a future-workspace model.

XI: Demographic Paradox — A Widening Geo-Economic and Political Faultline

Projections have been made that the population of Generation Z will outnumber Millennials by 2019, making up 32% of total population.

XII. Economies of Intelligence — AI, Human and Organizational “Learning” Fuels Asymmetrical Advantage

As enterprises scale their use of modern technologies for complete instrumentation, integration, and insight, they can expand their scope by offering a wider variety of experiences that demonstrate increasing value as the organization learns what is most desirable and efficient.

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