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Race to Reinvent for Multiplied Innovation


“Multiplied Innovation” business models will drive a 10X increase in (highly verticalized) apps and services, and lead to over half of the global economy being digitized by 2021.

The forces of multiplied innovation are powering up, with an explosion of digital innovation platforms and ecosystems, enabled by a new wave of application deployment, AI, trust and ambient interface technologies, all built on a new generation of the cloud.

Learn how enterprises will race to reinvent the IT organizations and IT skills needed to plug into – and compete in – the multiplied innovation marketplace.

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Critical External Drivers Shaping Global IT
and Business Planning for 2019 and Beyond

Digital Transformation (DX) has entered the next chapter – multiplied innovation. Now, competition is driven by platforms and ecosystems; innovation feeds off of itself.

Next Chapter of DX — Technology-Driven Transformation Altering Business and Society

The new imperative is to keep pace with business change while increasing the speed of business operations, the speed at which changes are delivered, and the speed and scale of innovation.

The Race to Innovate – Speed of Change, Delivery, and Operations Separates Thrivers and Survivors

Understanding and building a “DX platform” that can sustain, advance, and scale business and operations may be the most important decisions leaders make for the next 10 years.

Platforms, Platforms, Platforms —Industry Competes for Innovation at Scale

Data and intelligence represent a unique opportunity for creating unimaginable value. IoT, mobile devices, big data – combined with historical data, systems of record, and global information – continually sense an environment and put it into new contexts.

Sense, Compute, Actuate — Turning Data into Value

DX has changed organizations’ risk tolerances. More organized threats exploit vulnerable technologies that have larger attack surfaces. Regulations, publicity, fines, and costs force risk tolerances lower, requiring new thinking, priorities, and vigilance.

New Nature of Risk— Innovation Requires New Thinking in Security and Risk Management

The past few years have been witness to unprecedented impacts of information. Automated bots spread targeted misinformation to achieve social engineering or nation-state goals beyond the ability of existing channels to control it.

Global Information Crisis — Political, Social, and Economic Disturbance

Many future applications will be developed by AIs without human supervision. Beyond that, augmented humanity – the fusion of digital technologies and humans – for improved mobility, sensing and cognition will start to become routine.

Emerging Autonomy — Learning to Live With AI

Consumers, citizens, and partners have lost faith in technology, creating a crisis of digital trust. Poor technology decisions, human error, or unidentified weaknesses can result in breaches that have a significant impact on businesses and customers.

Cyber Insecurity — Theft, Cyberattack, Negligence Create a Crisis of Digital Trust

New devices and interfaces, wearables, AR/VR, home automation, information and connectivity are combining to instill a belief that people can have what they want, when, where and how they want it, and at the same time, be in control of the data and their experience.

Rising Customer Expectations— More Convenience, Customization, and Control

New technologies are revolutionizing industrial processes and ushering a “golden age” of new materials. Nano Technology is driving “de-materialization” and the obsolescence of outmoded devices and processes, in a whole new world of products, production, and materials.

Reimagining the Material World — Revolutionized Processes Expand Technology Reach

The future workspace will be a mix of physical and virtual. Work culture will be more collaborative, while the workforce will be a combination of people and machines working together.

The Future of Work — Bridging the Digital Talent Gap

While new technologies are transforming aspects of the business, legacy systems are holding others back, limiting innovation, opportunity, and engagement. Companies in every sector are faced with balancing traditional and next-generation systems and technologies.

Legacy Inertia — Retrofit the Old into the DX World

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