Speakers Bureau

IDC's Speaker Breau

IDC analysts deliver keynote and featured presentations at a wide range of IT and business industry events throughout the year. These events include:

  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Customer seminars
  • Partner meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • User group meetings
  • VIP customer "roundtables"
  • "fireside chats" and more

Speakers Bureau is a service provided by IDC that helps identify and secure the right IDC analyst for your next event. For on-line or in-person events, IDC Speakers Bureau will:

  • Identify the best IDC analyst based on topic, audience, and event objective
  • Confirm analyst availability for the event
  • Establish and manage the schedule for analyst pre-briefing, materials submission, and event appearance
  • Review and submit all materials by agreed-to deadlines
  • Suggest options and provide support for event promotion
  • Help clients receive more value from IDC's event participation

To learn more about IDC analysts, view IDC's Analyst Teams or search for an analyst.

Contact Information

If you wish to engage an IDC analyst for a speaking opportunity, or need additional information, please contact: