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Maximize IT investments for the business through effective sourcing and management of partners. Improved vendor selection and vendor value delivery.

We can improve your IT sourcing in many ways.

  • Cloud Economics

    Increase value from public cloud investment with impacting cloud value. Saving cost, driving efficiency, forecasting spend, delivering value.

    3 weeks
  • Deal & Bid Support

    Drive an effective process that creates the best outcome in sourcing initiatives. Include market intelligence to short-list vendors and save time, effort and process cost.

    6 weeks
  • IT Supplier Performance Management

    Look at IT processes to see whether they 1) meet current needs, and 2) what is required to meet future maturity goals. Tuning up your IT organization.

    9 weeks
  • Supplier Selection

    Achieve high-quality results with a partner who aligns with your company culture, sourcing drivers and objectives. Include market intelligence to short-list vendors and save time, effort and cost in the selection process.

    12 – 24 weeks
  • Contract Lifecycle Management

    Establish effective contract management by controlling the contracted services, agreements and actions for both the supplier and buying organization. Enables businesses to make the most of their contracts, avoid risks and control costs.

    12 – 19 weeks
  • Sourcing Strategy

    Translate your business and IT strategies into a successful sourcing strategy. Establish an IT environment that effectively scales to the evolving demands of the business and capitalizes on market opportunities.

    8 – 12 weeks

Cloud transitions are marked by invoices that exceed expectations and are unexpected. Cost economies and agility aren’t always as anticipated or promised to the business.

Management struggles to understand the best licensing solution for their workloads or even understanding their workloads making it hard to optimize costs and performance. This is compounded in multi-cloud environments.

CE delivers tangible, actionable recommendations to guide organizations to reduce costs and optimize cloud workloads.

It is systematic, quantitative, comprehensive, data-driven, and repeatable with demonstrated and quantified value for clients. Benchmarks against the industry to understand positioning and provide data-driven negotiation.

Reign in your costs

Targeted recommendations on where and how to optimize cloud spend

Continuously improving cloud value

Course correct and improve cloud value with regular health checks

Demonstrate good fiscal management

Demonstrate how you are driving savings and how your costs compare with the market

Contract better when sourcing

Vendors are experts at bidding and contracting. Most clients aren’t because it is not their day job. Have IDC experts assist you in leveling the field.

Drive an effective process that creates the best outcome in sourcing initiatives. Include market intelligence to short-list vendors and save time, effort and process cost.

The contracting process for a new or existing partner can be as complicated and confusing as the selection itself. IDC simplifies and standardizes the process with its consistent framework to ensure improved outcomes, faster and more effectively and with less pain. We support clients through the process of contracting a new services provider. IDC helps manage the negotiation and contracting processes. We can supply key terms and conditions to ensure a performative contract, benchmark the proposed vendor pricing model against similar contracts and services to aid in getting a market conform contract.

Get better deals

Data on what others are paying and best practice negotiation tactics

Deals that meet goals

Performance based contracts that incentivize for your needs

React quickly

Address project challenges before they become business headaches

Get the value from your vendors you pay for

Understand the price and performance value of your sourcing partners through market benchmarking of price and performance. Rightsize and improve sourcing relationships. Continuous improvement of sourcing relationships.

It is hard to assess whether the outsourced or MSP service you receive is market price and performance conform. Answering the business question, 'Are we getting a good deal from this relationship' is harder than anticipated.

Benchmarking the services contracted against market performance and costs peers gives clients a clear understanding where their sourcing partner is performative and where they aren't. This provides sourcing relationships mid-course corrections or drives improved contracting for future contract renewals or new sourcing projects. Clients and vendors have seen struggling relationships repaired for mutual benefit. It helps clients avoid the effort of changing sourcing providers by allowing the provider to improve their performance to market value. A win-win for both the client and the sourcing provider.

Continual contract market conformance

Has a good contract become bad as the market has evolved and resolving it

Get the value paid for at the right cost

Apply the appropriate KPIs to ensure value is delivered for the business and IT

Ending the invoice disputes

Objective advice on structuring price x quantity and structuring services and cost

Supplier selection: Be on par with your sourcing

Achieve high-quality results with a partner who aligns with your company culture, sourcing drivers and objectives. Include market intelligence to short-list vendors and save time, effort and cost in the selection process.

Most clients lack the know-how that suppliers have around bidding and contracting and fall short when managing suppliers. Have IDC experts assist you in leveling the field.

Working well with the right IT suppliers is crucial in fast-changing industries, as technology and digitalization increasingly shape business strategy. A sound strategic approach to sourcing is essential, and selecting the right supplier is more important than ever.

To ensure a successful relationship, it's important to carefully select the supplier that best meets the organization’s objectives and provides the best service - a process that requires special attention from IT decision makers. We believe that dialogue is essential to achieving quality results. Our team of experts is available to assist you throughout the selection process, providing support in areas such as content (RFI, RFP creation, compiling requirements, etc.), finance, legals, and procurement.

IDC Metri's experts have in-depth knowledge of the sourcing market and extensive experience with both selection and proposal processes and contracting.

Maximize the dialogue

Achieve the best fit in terms of service, price and culture by maximizing dialogue during the selection process.

Focus on content not document lay-out

Use a 'standard' template sourcing contract with various attachments, which are ready to use and have consistently delivered excellent results in practice.

Insights in supplier market

Utilize market knowledge and benchmarks to identify any significant variations in service offerings or pricing and ensure that you are getting the most suitable and cost-effective option available.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage your contract objectives, risks and supplier relationships effectively during the whole contract lifecycle. Do you have a solid foundation for effective and efficient contract management that spans contract creation to completion?

Optimizing IT contracts to achieve objectives that align to the business requires proactive management and control of contracted IT services. This includes timely identification and management of contract risks and managing costs within the contract using an organization-wide standard process.

IDC’s Contract Lifecycle Management provides a framework based on proven contract management methods and market practices to design and implement the contract management function for your IT organization. It ensures that contract management is embedded in the organization and processes where optimal support can be realized through tooling.

Contract management scenario

Leverage your contract management activities and focus on the contracts that need (full) contract management.

IT, Procurement, Legal and Finance alignment

Being able to manage all aspects of the contract through alignment with finance, legal and procurement processes and documentation.

Insights in contract risks and opportunities

Actively manage the contract to gain timely insights for improving contracts and vendor relationships and getting the most value out of IT to support your business.

Align the organization's IT capabilities to its overall business goals and objectives.

The IT sourcing strategy plays a critical role in enabling adaptability, cost-effectiveness, risk management, and talent management in the IT environment - essential factors for achieving business success.

Organizations are facing the challenge of adapting to the evolving IT landscape which includes new Cloud-based delivery models, heightened digitalization, a shortage of skilled IT professionals, and rapidly emerging technological advancements. Not every organization can keep pace with these developments or attract and retain scarce IT talent, but leveraging these innovations and engaging with IT professionals can provide a competitive edge.

Having a well-defined and aligned IT sourcing strategy is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage and establishing a successful business strategy. IDC Metri's experts have in-depth knowledge of the IT Supplier market and significant experience in identifying sourcing drivers, selection and proposal processes and contracting.

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