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With digitally savvy directors highly skilled at governing how your company is shaping and securing its digital future

Corporate Director's Digital Council develops, maintains and certifies corporate directors to help them safely and successfully oversee their company's complex digital future with expert instruction and custom services.

Digital Governance Makes a Difference: MIT research indicates that companies with digitally savvy directors have 38% higher revenue growth, 17% greater profitability and 34% higher market capitalization.

The Corporate Director's Digital Council

Becoming A High Performing Digital Board
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Director Development and Certification

A world-class curriculum developing and maintaining the boardroom skills needed to oversee digital future.

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Curated Digital Content

Custom briefings and self-directed access to the latest data and information on developments in the digital world.

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Expert Support

On-call access to over 1,300 digital, technology and cybersecurity experts in over 110 countries.

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Peer Networking and Learning

Open access to all on and off-line networking and learning events for each corporate director.

As digital strategies become dominant, boards have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage technology decisions to achieve returns and demonstrate value. The challenge will be to ask the right questions, and to challenge responses, to ensure that technology-related strategy and risk make it onto the board agenda.

Alizabeth Calder

ICD.D, NACD CERT (Cyber), Adjunct Analyst – IDC CIO Executive Programs, Author – Duty of Care; A Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era Wiley & Sons 2019

A successful growth strategy for any enterprise balances risk appetite with organizational ability to innovate. Today's boards must be knowledgeable of both the great potential of digital innovation to create and preserve value and the great potential of cyber threats to destroy value.

Cora Carmody

Independent Board Director, Interim CIO, Executive Coach, NACD Governance Fellow, and Adjunct Analyst, IDC CIO Executive Programs

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