IDC Future Enterprise Maturity Assessment

Enterprises will either become adept at digital transformation and thrive (digitally determined) or fail to master the disciplines and struggle to survive (digitally distraught).

IDC has developed the Digital Transformation (DX) Future Enterprise MaturityScape to help business and IT leaders understand and cope with the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation can bring to their enterprises, business models and ecosystems by leveraging digital competencies.

The IDC MaturityScape provides a framework for viewing DX maturity across five stages and multiple dimensions. The Future Enterprise has five key dimensions where digital capabilities are required for successful digital transformation:

Future of Culture:

Leadership at Scale: DX cannot scale as a top-down initiative –it relies on an organization's ability to foster a culture where transformation is a core tenet and an enterprise-wide strategy.

Future of Customers:

Empathy at Scale: Successfully engaging with the future customer will require organizations to provide empathy at scale. It’s a fundamental shift that recognizes the unique aspects and needs of customers.

Future of Intelligence:

Insight at Scale: Intelligence will increasingly scale through an infusion of collective human-machine learning into work, operations, and experiences. It fuels innovation, economic value and decision making.

Future of Operations:

Resilience at Scale: Operational excellence is no longer enough – the complex future requires resilient operations based on a common core that allows intelligence, rapid decision making, self-healing, and innovation.

Future of Work:

Work Model at Scale: Work is undergoing a fundamental transformation of workers and skills, talent management, and culture, toward a flexible work environment featuring mobility, human-machine collaboration and intelligent technologies.

This assessment will allow you to see the relative maturity of your organization in moving towards the Future Enterprise, benchmarked against peers in your industry and region. Your data will be placed on IDC’s five-stage Maturity Model.

Management goals for DX are poorly defined and occasionally chaotic. Success often depends on individual effort, and benefits are not widely shared within the business. Business and IT digital initiatives are disconnected and poorly aligned with enterprise strategy and not focused on customer experiences.


Basic capabilities are established. The necessary disciplines for DX are in place to repeat previous successes on similar initiatives. The business lags behind its best performing peers. Business has identified a need to digitally enhance customer business strategies, but execution is on an isolated project basis, and progress is neither predictable nor repeatable.


Business-IT goals are aligned at the enterprise level to near-term strategy and include digital customer product and experience initiatives but not yet focused on the disruptive potential of digital initiatives. Capabilities are documented, standardized, and integrated at enterprise level. DX is a strategic business goal. The business is on par with competitors & peers.


Capabilities for DX are embedded in the enterprise and tightly linked to an agile management vision. The business leads its peers and competitors. Integrated, synergistic business-IT management disciplines deliver digitally enabled product/service experiences on a continuous basis.


Enterprise is aggressively disruptive in the use of new digital technologies and business models to affect markets. Business innovation driven by constant input from ecosystem and feedback. Continuous improvement is a core management philosophy. Leadership embraces risk-taking and experimentation to develop innovative, groundbreaking capabilities.

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