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Evolve Toward an Embedded Digital Business Model

By 2020, 60% of CIOs will implement an IT business model and culture that shifts focus from IT projects to digitally oriented products.

A fundamental challenge of digital transformation is the need to change legacy culture and processes, which are embedded in the organizational structure. Siloed technology and business structures often mean resistance to digital transformation. Organizations can undertake a number of approaches to evolve their culture and business mode, but evolving toward an embedded digital model is key to maintaining a digital transformation.

Model of Organizational Structure

IDC has identified four types of organizational models for digital transformation.
Each model plays an important role depending on where you are in your DX journey.

In 2017, less than 4% of businesses had reached the Digital Business Unit Stage.

Key to overcoming digital deadlock is evolving organization structures.

Source: IDC DX Leadership Sentiment Study, March, 2017

The Embedded Digital Business is more agile, focused, and innovative, with shorter technology delivery cycles.

Your Focus Will Change as Your IT Organization Evolves

DX Special Projects Team vs. Embedded Digital Business

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