DX Performance

Develop New KPIs that Reflect the Digital Native Enterprise

Key to a true Digital Transformation is communicating the new real-time nature of the future enterprise to employees, investors, and directors.

A digital native enterprise (DNE) can scale its business and innovate at a pace far greater than traditional businesses. DNEs are driven by a customer-centric and empowered workforce that embraces risk taking while seeking to continuously innovate. Technology and data are the lifeblood of a DNE, fueling more efficient operations, new revenue streams, and customer loyalty. KPIs should reflect that.

The New DX Performance Scorecard

To effectively and successfully communicate to employees, investors, and partners, IDC recommends a new set of KPIs that capture the capabilities of a digital native enterprise.

Categories of KPIs should include:

  • Leadership: KPIs associated with innovation rates
  • Customer engagement: KPIs focused on customer advocacy
  • Information monetization: KPIs focused on data capitalization
  • Operating model: KPIs focused on business operations
  • WorkSource transformation: KPIs focused on the workforce

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