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Create a Data-Centric Digital Platform

A fundamental challenge of digital transformation is the need to change legacy culture and processes, which are embedded in the organizational structure. Siloed technology and business structures often mean resistance to platforms allowing digital transformation. Organizations can undertake a number of approaches to evolve their culture and business model, but evolving toward an embedded digital model is key to maintaining a digital transformation.

By 2020, IDC predicts that the number of organizations deploying a digital platform will double to 60%.

The New Digital Platform

Place data at the heart of a platform that spans across IT, digital and business domains. Start with an intelligent core that holds the code that enables turning data into insights and tools.

The foundational services do not go away. IT governance, architecture, integration, and development services are the enablers for this new digital platform.

In the digital economy, data alone will not be a competitive differentiator. It is what a company does with the data that distinguishes it.

Improve Processes

Internal data is collected through connected assets, employees, connected processes, or other data streams. This data circulates through the data core, in turn transforming the data into insights. Those insights circle back into the organization as improved internal processes.

Improve Engagement

Data from external processes enters through engagements with customers and their devices, bots, AR/VR devices, connected vehicles, and other technologies. As this data circulates through the intelligent core, it is transformed into actions that can be taken to improve engagements with the ecosystem.

Data comes into an organization in two streams – internal processes and external processes.

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