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This sample case study demonstrates the value that the IDC Tech Buyer research methodology and structured reading order can bring to your organization with concrete examples from IDC’s library of research.

This scenario is for a Western European public health organization that needs a Cloud strategy – and how they and you can utilize the framework of IDC DecisionScapes and other IDC research to create and implement that strategy. The documents below demonstrate this in action.

Along the way -- because you aren’t limited on your downloads -- you can also view additional related documents such as specific vendor assessments or IDC TechBriefs, IDC Surveys, and IDC Innovators. IDC IT Executive Programs customers also are able to intersperse research with calls to analysts specializing in Cloud technologies, since there are no arbitrary limits on your call time.

While this particular example shows a roadmap development scenario, IDC DecisionScapes allow you jump in at any stage and focus on the research you currently need. With IDC DecisionScape content and analysts, you can be confident that your technology strategies and decisions are grounded in methodologies of quantifiable data and unbiased assessments of vendors, technologies, and markets.

First, you’ll want to read relevant IDC FutureScapes with their assessment of Cloud technology trends and predictions for coming planning cycles, helping you understand the drivers and changes that will shape the business, and IT strategies needed to deal with them. You can also take a deeper look at how changes will affect certain geographies, such Western Europe. Adding in IDC TechScapes will help mitigate your technology risk by evaluating emerging technologies and predicting growth in adoption and maturity that help you create the right roadmap. Meanwhile, you can also speak directly with an IDC analyst to ensure you’ve got all the bases covered.

Next documents such as IDC MaturityScapes, with their structured assessments of maturity levels and gaps, will help you realistically evaluate your current capabilities in five key stages of cloud technology adoption and deployment against solid industry benchmarks. Now you can develop a roadmap to align your business requirements and IT tools. You’ll be prepared to answer questions such as where your organization is on a maturity scale for Cloud competencies, what your peers and competitors are doing, and what metrics to use to improve.

Then IDC PlanScapes will provide guidance for aligning your cloud initiative to the business goals, help you make the case, and develop the proper scope and resources to succeed. For example, you’ll learn the skills, risks, and leadership and stakeholder requirements for three phases of a Cloud transition strategy (Strategic direction, Cloud design, and Cloud operations). A long-term, grounded Cloud vision is crucial to success and making your organization more agile, innovative and profitable and able to succeed in the digital economy. Once you’ve started to create the roadmap, you can validate your conclusions one-on-one with IDC analysts.

Finally, when you’re ready to move ahead with your Cloud initiatives, you’ll take advantage of IDC PeerScapes and IDC MarketScapes, as well as other documents that outline industry development and models. IDC PeerScapes identify practices with the most impact on successful technology initiatives. You’ll learn what practices to emulate and which to avoid, assuring no surprises in your implementation.

IDC MarketScapes provide methodologies and criteria for accessing Cloud products and services, as well as a transition strategy. From your IDC PeerScapes, you’ll get solid quantitative and qualitative assessments of the market and vendors that will help in developing shortlists and negotiations. Finally, an IDC MaturityScape gives a framework for assessing current Cloud management and identifying opportunities for optimizing operations, service, skill, and governance.

Still worried about moving ahead? Take a call with an IDC analyst and get extra guidance for specific pitfalls and what to look out for.

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