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Every IT Executive Programs client has a personal Customer Relationship Manager devoted to help you get the best from IDC resources.
These are experienced researchers who can operate as an extension of your team.

IDC has the quickest response times in the industry. Our CRMs use their familiarity with IDC research areas to operate as partners to learn your business goals and align research and put you in touch with the resources you need.

A quote by:  Director of Research, Healthcare Services and Strategy firm

IDC exhibits incredible customer service. They know my agenda and are basically an extension of my research team.

A quote by:  CMO, Retail Performance and Security

My client service manager is responsive and can find a needle in a haystack. She's very flexible and serves things up to me. Client services is a differentiator for IDC.

A quote by:  IT Enterprise Architect, Agribusiness

Whenever I made a request for anything the response was very quick and just what I was looking for.

A quote by:  IT Director, Global IT Delivery and Operations, Accessories and Clothing Retailer

We needed a concierge service, someone to help find the right research. IDC does this and separates themselves in that degree.

A quote by:  Director, Product and Market Strategy, Healthcare Software and Tech services.

IDC is easy to work with. I love that the packages are comprehensive for the organization and not as restrictive as some competitors. Coverage is very relevant to our space.

A quote by:  VP, Strategic Planning, Electronics Manufacturer

Our CRM is very innovative in how he tries to deliver research. He will send "On the Spot" pieces where he records an analyst speaking from their home computer for a few minutes about some breaking news. It's brilliant.

A quote by:  CIO, Electronics Component Supplier

Requests have been turned around pretty well. They pull notes and research and are more than happy to get an analyst on the phone if we need.

A quote by:  CIO, Regional Insurance Agency

They call me once a month and I never move the call. They ask me what I need. It is a push versus pull relationship which I really like. They are great.

A quote by:  Director, IT Business Management, Retail Grocery Chain

My CRM was very responsive. I had frequent emergency needs where I needed an analyst or info today or tomorrow, and she was always able to get what I need if they had it available.

A quote by:  Product Development, Top Five Insurance Co.

I would give an 11 if I could. My IDC CRM responds very quickly and precisely. He is also proactive so based on topic requests, he will continue to provide reports related to that particular topic.

A quote by:  VP, Securities, Financial Services

My CRM is great! She's responsive & really good at finding the appropriate analyst for us. Even if we have a call months prior, she will follow up with papers that she thinks might be of interest to me. I don't get that from anyone else.

A quote by:  Technical Architect, Healthcare Insurance Co.

The CRMs are the reason we renew. Never try to sell me anything, responsive, and understand what I need - they are awesome.

A quote by:  VP, Securities, Financial Services

Every time I write my CRM an email, he gets right back to me. If he can’t find something, he tries to put us in touch with somebody that has it. He doesn't want to waste our time. He pulls reports for me very quickly.

A quote by:  IT Architect, Life and Health Insurance Co.

My CRM is helpful, and her response is on point. If she can't find what I am looking for, she goes the extra mile to help me get to the next step.

A quote by:  Strategy and Technology Manager, Footwear & Lifestyle Products Manufacturer

My CRM’s approach to business is great. From timely calls to follow up to the fact that everything we have ever asked for has always been delivered ahead of time. She is very customer focused. She is better than anyone at any research company that I have worked with.

A quote by:  VP, Digital Experience, Global Credit Services Provider

CRMs are very responsive and very good following up on requests; they follow up quickly and summarize analyst calls.

A quote by:  VP, Medical Devices Manufacturer

My CRM was great and responded very quickly and sometimes got us reports we didn’t have access to. She is very responsive & always looking for feedback and we appreciate that.

A quote by:  Technical Architect, Healthcare Insurance Co.

IDC is not just a vendor for me. It’s a relationship. … I appreciate what IDC has invested in this relationship and wish I could increase the investment. We are getting more value from IDC than we are giving them.

A quote by:  SVP, Corporate Banking, Regional Retail Bank

My CRM is proactive and anticipates areas of interest that we have. … Doing an awesome job on day to day and if I have an inquiry, I hear back immediately. My Gartner experience is exactly the opposite.

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