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The Future of Connectedness

The Future of Connectedness examines the role and impact of connectivity as organizations follow the digital-first path. The Future Enterprise must address unevenness in connectivity across different environments and locations as employees, customer, and partners increasingly look for – and expect – digital experiences supported by ubiquitous, reliable and robust connectivity.

Connectivity: The Common Denominator

The connected enterprise sits at the intersection of four agility cornerstones, each with its own challenges and solutions.

There are several elements to consider when thinking about connectivity and the role it plays in a digital-first strategy. IDC’s Future of Connectedness framework is made up of three separate but interdependent layers that must interact seamlessly and continuously.

The Cycle of Data

Actions taken when data is in motion but require agile, autonomous, pervasive, secure, and resilient connectivity.

Data Consumers

Consumers are the people, processes, applications, and things that use the data in motion.

Connectivity-Driven Outcomes

Business outcomes are achieved when data move seamlessly and provide value to organizations and individuals.

Successful connectedness strategies can unlock agility across organizations. IDC has identified four areas of agility, which map to the ways business processes become more efficient, workforces become more empowered, customer interactions are handled more intelligently, and entire value chains interact more seamlessly.

Business Agility

Agile networks and IT systems can share, leverage, and gain value from data through integration and open APIs, eliminating manual, siloed processes and improving business readiness.

Operational Agility

Business and IT staff that stay connected anywhere and interact digitally through communication channels for data sharing and collaboration will reap significant benefits and increase productivity.

Customer Agility

Consistent communications, connectedness, and data sharing across traditional and digital channels ensure accurate product targeting and problem solving, as well as real-time data insights that guide selling and customer interactions.

Value Chain Agility

Data sharing creates more optimized business processes and helps accelerate new business opportunities. Agility is achieved when the supply chain is as important as distribution, creation is as important as marketing, and servicing is as important as selling.


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Research Programs and Custom Solutions

Future of Connectedness: Research Programs

IDC’s Future Connectedness Agenda offers thought leadership and advice on key challenges organizations face when deploying connectivity solutions to ensure seamless experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

Future of Connectedness Core Research programs provide business leaders with the insights and guidance needed to align technology investments with business strategy. Core Research programs include:

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Future of Connectedness: Custom Solutions

IDC’s Future of Connectedness research and custom offerings help you position your solutions to solve today’s complex customer challenges.

  • Custom Analytics – Identify opportunities to address customer requirements and challenges by segmenting the market using IDC’s Future of Connectedness framework
  • Thought Leadership – Amplify your message and become a trusted Future of Digital Infrastructure advisor and solution provider.
  • Business Value – Demonstrate customer and business value of your IT solution.
  • Sales Enablement – Sell more effectively and identify new monetization opportunities in partner ecosystems.

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