Use Digital-First Strategies to Build Sustainable Growth

Moving Beyond Digital Transformation to Digital Business

In the Digital Transformation Era, enterprises expended time, effort, and budget on technology projects designed to help transform their businesses. Many successfully created islands of innovation while closing the digital ROI gap. But, even as they achieve a measure of digital maturity, the bar is continually being raised. Business leaders must now look beyond digital transformation and search for ways to build sustainable growth using digital-first strategies.

The CEO Tech Agenda in a Digital-First World

As we enter this new era of digital business, the C-Suite must sponsor and lead digital-first technology initiatives that directly – and measurably – create value and tie digital innovation programs to scalable business outcomes. Digital businesses must be rooted in evidence-based cultures that convey trustworthiness while incorporating extreme automation, data and IP monetization, and virtual product creation.

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Digital Business: A Definition

A business where value creation is based on the application of digital technologies that address:

  • Internal and external processes
  • How organizations engage with customers, citizens, suppliers and partners
  • How the business attracts, manages, and retains employees
  • The mix of products, services, and experiences provided
A semicircular diagram that illustrates the impact of digital transformation on processes, products, services, and experiences.


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