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Future Consumer diagram consisting of 8 groups: Wellbeing, Entertainment, Housing, Travel and Dining, Personal Mobility, Money, Shopping, Lifelong Learning

Consumer Spending Accounts for Two-Thirds of Global GDP

Whether you’re a consumer-facing company or focused on the B2B market, your success depends on a comprehensive understanding of consumer wants, needs, and aspirations.

Directly or indirectly, consumers are your customers.

As digital transformation ripples across consumer ecosystems and supply chains, businesses need a new consumer framework rooted in consumer realities, to help them track and anticipate ever-evolving consumer behavior.

IDC Tracks Eight Consumer Segments

Leveraging a Future Consumer framework that focuses on eight consumer segments, IDC analyzes emerging trends that disrupt and transform the consumer experience. Unlike traditional consumer research, IDC’s approach is more holistic, providing clients with access to three research services:

  • Consumer Pulse Service - Includes quarterly surveys of consumers in seven countries.

  • Consumer Market Model - Offers a massive data set across the world – eight regions in 51 countries – and leverages both proprietary IDC data and external sources to create a wide range of forecasts.

  • Future Consumer Agenda - Helps companies, governments and NGOs with thought leadership research that leverages data from the Consumer Pulse and Consumer Market Model.

Video: Learn more about IDC’s Future Consumer research


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Video: Learn more about IDC’s Future Consumer research.
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