Future of Intelligence

Build intelligent organizations with data-driven cultures

The Future of Intelligence

Enterprise intelligence empowers organizations to make better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. To be truly intelligent, enterprises must adopt digital-first strategies and leverage their investments in technology, focus on employees, and build more data-driven cultures.

Thinking about enterprise intelligence as a team sport can be a helpful way to focus enterprise intelligence investments across the organization.

Enterprise Intelligence in a Digital World

In today's digital world, just gathering data from your customers is not enough to build success - you must also learn from it. Lack of a modern enterprise intelligence platform will hinder efforts to improve enterprise intelligence.

A circular diagram with multiple layers. It represents the Future of Intelligence Framework.

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IDC’s Future of Intelligence practice defines Enterprise Intelligence as an organization’s capacity to learn combined with its ability to synthesize the information it needs in order to learn and to apply the resulting insights at scale by establishing a strong data culture.

Information Synthesis

Accessing and analyzing internal and external data to generate insights and create knowledge

Insights Delivery

Empowering all levels of the organization with the insights they need at the right time, in context, and at scale

Collective Learning

Continuously and collectively learning by capturing, curating, and sharing knowledge across the enterprise

Data Culture

Fostering and embracing a data-driven culture, and providing the technology and skills to improve data fluency and literacy pervasively

IDC has found that enterprises are stronger with an established data culture. They can better handle market uncertainty and volatility, identify biases, examine alternatives, and re-evaluate situations with new information.

Enterprises must develop and foster data-driven cultures that encourage collaboration and innovation. Ultimately, they must assess the pervasive use of data across the entire organization, identify gaps around the use of data, and then implement strategies to address those gaps.

Technology buyers increasingly gauge the success of their intelligence technology and services purchases on outcome-based ROI, which has driven a shift toward use case-driven initiatives that focus on faster, higher-quality data analysis and decision support. Businesses can take three steps to help improve their enterprise intelligence:

  • Train internal talent on data literacy skills.
  • Invest in technology platform components.
  • Change app development and deployment practices to build more intelligence into applications.


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Research Programs and Custom Solutions

Future of Intelligence: Research Programs

IDC’s Future of Intelligence Agenda offers thought leadership and advice on key challenges organizations face when identifying and addressing intelligence requirements for the digital enterprise.

Future of Intelligence Core Research programs provide business leaders with the insights and guidance needed to align technology investments with business strategy. Core Research programs include:

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Future of Intelligence: Custom Solutions

IDC’s Future of Intelligence research and custom offerings help you position your solutions to solve today’s complex customer challenges.

  • Custom Analytics – Identify opportunities to address customer requirements and challenges by segmenting the market using IDC’s Future of Intelligence framework
  • Thought Leadership – Amplify your message and become a trusted Future of Intelligence advisor and solution provider.
  • Business Value – Demonstrate customer and business value of your IT solution.
  • Sales Enablement – Sell more effectively and identify new monetization opportunities in partner ecosystems.

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