Future of Intelligence

Build intelligent organizations
based on evidence-based cultures

IDC’s Future of Intelligence research practice helps organizations build strategies to become learning enterprises built on evidence-based cultures. In the Future of Intelligence, organizations will rethink how they define and invest in enterprise intelligence, focusing on approaches that scale.

Inside the Future of Intelligence

IDC’s Future of Intelligence practice defines Enterprise Intelligence as an organization’s capacity to learn combined with its ability to synthesize the information it needs in order to learn and to apply the resulting insights at scale by establishing a strong data culture.

Synthesize Information

Taking discrete, objective raw facts about people, places, things, and other entities, adding context, and organizing them for a useful purpose.

Capacity to Learn

Understanding the relationships among various pieces of information and previously developed knowledge, and their application to a particular problem. Organizations will need to convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge and apply it across the enterprise.

Source: Enterprise Intelligence Index Explained: Why Every Executive Should Be Focused on Enterprise Intelligence (#US48346421)
Deliver Insights at Scale

Providing actionable decision support and decision automation functionality for everyone in the enterprise, from executives and managers to analysts and frontline workers and machines.

Data Culture

Data culture encompasses people, values, goals, and attitudes and enables cooperation and sharing of data and insights. Organizations must evaluate the state of data culture and invest in improvement across the attributes.

Research Programs and Custom Solutions

Future of Intelligence Research Programs

Future of Intelligence drives the research agenda for many IDC research programs. Key topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Intelligence
  • Data Intelligence
  • ModelOps and DataOps
  • Knowledge Management
  • Synthesis of internal and External, At-Rest and In-Motion Data
  • Staffing, Skills, and Professional Services

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Custom Solutions for Future of Intelligence

From industry InfoBriefs and White Papers to webcasts and other virtual events, IDC works with technology suppliers to develop custom content backed by our research and analysis expertise. IDC can help you with:

  • Custom Analytics – Identify opportunities to address your customers' requirements and challenges by segmenting the market using IDC's Future of Intelligence framework.
  • Thought Leadership – Amplify your message to become a trusted Future of Intelligence advisor and solution provider.
  • Business Value – Provide financial justification for your IT solutions, focused on customer value.
  • Sales Enablement – Empower your organization to sell more effectively and understand new monetization opportunities in partner ecosystems.

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