Future of Operations

Develop resilient decision-making
and unify operational data streams

As IT and Operations Technology (OT) converge, companies will leverage digital capabilities to build resilient organizations with the core goal of unifying operational data streams with data from the rest of the enterprise. New converged IT/OT organizations, which IDC refers to as Digital Engineering (DE), will facilitate the transformation to Industry 4.0 and ensure that data and systems are available to support resilient decision-making.

Inside the Future of Operations

Source: Digital Engineering and the Future of Operations (IDC #US46217020)

The Future of Operations framework emphasizes the importance of building infrastructure and digital capabilities to develop resilient decision-making that keeps enterprises tightly aligned with customer expectations and demands. One of the critical aspects of the evolution to resilient decision-making is ensuring all the critical data and information is ingested, contextualized, organized, and visualized for key decision makers. The five key tenets of the Future of Operations are:

  • Evolve beyond continuous improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma to resiliency and market focus.
  • Embrace complexity in products, services, and markets while minimizing complications.
  • Be resilient in adapting to changing markets and demands without losing the core operational purpose.
  • Use digital capabilities, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, or advanced analytics, to build a resilient organization and operation.
  • Develop a converged IT and operational technology (OT) function in digital engineering (DE).

Research Programs and Custom Solutions

Future of Operations Research Programs

Future of Operations drives the research agenda for many IDC research programs. Key topics include:

  • IT / OT Convergence
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Operational Edge
  • Operational Data Governance
  • Engineering and OT Services
  • OT Security
  • Operational and Asset Performance

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Custom Solutions for Future of Operations

From industry InfoBriefs and White Papers to webcasts and other virtual events, IDC works with technology suppliers to develop custom content backed by our research and analysis expertise. IDC can help with:

  • Buyer Conversation – Deliver your message to the right person in the right format to align your solution with their Industry 4.0 roadmap.
  • Thought Leadership – Amplify your message and become a trusted Future of Operations and Industry 4.0 advisor and solution provider.
  • Business Value – Provide financial justification for your technology solutions, tying them to customer KPIs for Digital Engineering and resilient decision-making.
  • Sales Enablement – Educate and empower your sales team to deliver industry- and buyer-focused messages to monetize engagements.

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