Increase Business Value with Sustainable Strategies

Beyond ESG Reporting: Creating Business Value Through Sustainability

Sustainable strategies and technologies play an increasing role in business operations, helping organizations achieve greater efficiency and resiliency, while also boosting competitive differentiation and value creation. Let us help you increase your operational and financial performance through technology-enabled sustainable transformation.

IDC's Sustainability Research helps organizations:

  • Understand the competitive environment for sustainable and sustainability-enabling IT products and services.
  • Understand IT buyer demand and vendor perception.
  • Demonstrate the sustainability/ESG related business and economic impact that their solutions have.

Holistic coverage

Services / Technology


A circular diagram representing the Sustainability Framework.

IDC's Sustainability Framework

The Framework for our approach encompasses the upstream sustainability impact of IT and operations (e.g., impact assessments, vendor indices), downstream aspects tied to sustainable products and services (e.g., end-user surveys, IDC MarketScapes), and strategic approaches toward selling and buying sustainable and sustainability-enabling technology.

IDC helps organizations:

  • Understand the competitive landscape and market size for sustainable and sustainability-enabling IT products and services through forecasts, perception data, and vendor assessments.

  • Gain insight on IT buyer demand and vendor perception through global end-user surveys that focus on different industries, personas/functions, and geographies.

  • Create effective sales enablement and messaging around the sustainability related impact of their technologies and professional services, e.g., through ESG business value studies and economic impact models./functions, and geographies.

  • Assess maturity levels of organizational approaches and IT solutions related to sustainable transformation.

  • Create effective sustainable business and IT strategies to address a changing regulatory environment, customer and consumer demand, and investor pressure.


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IDC's Sustainability Offerings

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IDC’s sustainability research offers thought leadership and advice on key challenges organizations face when building sustainability strategies and implementing sustainability technologies.

Research includes:

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Focus on how your solutions aid clients' ESG goals and transform operations. IDC Custom Solutions analyzes market opportunities, measures impact & showcases value to customers. Visit IDC Custom Solutions website.

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