Omni-experience Transformation
Creates Customer Experience Innovation

IDC defines omni-experience transformation as the ability to continually attract and grow loyalty with customers, partners, and employees by creating interactive experiences.

IDC’s omni-experience transformation coverage includes:

  • Specific use cases for omni-experience transformation by industry
  • Emerging customer experience technologies that alter market expectations
  • The creation of integrated technology platforms to deliver omni-experiences more rapidly and effectively
  • The use of cognitive technologies in providing highly personalized customer experiences
  • How organizations are using 3rd Platform technologies to create shared digital experiences that serve the needs of mobile, socially-connected customers

IDC Predicts...

In 2017, the top 20% of industry leaders will develop the ability to allow customers to build custom product and service bundles giving the customer direct control over the experience

By 2019, 5% of revenue will come through interaction with a customer’s digital assistant

By 2020, 50% of companies will use cognitive computing to automate marketing and sales interactions with customers