WorkSource Transformation Focuses
on Innovating with the Ecosystem

IDC defines WorkSource transformation as the transformation of the way enterprises access, connect and leverage talent through the use of digital technologies.

IDC’s WorkSource transformation coverage includes:

  • Specific use cases for WorkSource transformation by industry
  • Crowdsource technologies that allow organizations to innovate outside their four walls
  • The role of collaboration platforms in creating knowledge-centric cultures
  • How virtualization of devices, apps and data enable global workers to outperform peers
  • How organizational hierarchies are giving way to self-organizing teams

IDC Predicts...

By 2019, more than 10% of work will be sourced from networked free agent and skill-based marketplaces

By 2019, Fortune 500 firms will use Kickstarter-like methods to allocate capital to 15% of new projects, aiming to increase their new product introduction success rates over 50%

50% of law enforcement organizations will use externally crowdsourced, real-time citizen data for crime prevention, detection, and response in the next two years